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Gardening and Landscaping in Lynden, Ontario

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183 Orkney Road,
Lynden , Ontario L0R 1T0 CANADA

About Green Collar Landscaping

You value a clean, beautiful yard no matter the size or spread. Maintaining a great-looking yard can be difficult. It requires time and energy on a regular basis. Managing natural environments and living organisms takes knowledge and expertise.

The key to your yard's vibrance and beauty is its health. Like people, your lawn and gardens need regular checkups, food & water, and frequent grooming. When they're cared for consistently, they're healthy. When they're healthy, they're beautiful.

Some tasks need to be done weekly, some monthly, some yearly. Rather than giving you a long list of services, we've packaged them to make your decision easier. If you'd like more detail or to customize your own plan give us a call. Otherwise take your pick and sign up today!

À La Carte (whenever you need it)

In most cases, a regular property maintenance plan is the best solution. However, if you need only one or two things we can help you when you need us.

Spring & Fall Cleanups – From $90
Leaf removal, eavestrough cleaning, plant pruning, turnover garden beds.

Aeration – From $60
Core aeration reduces turf compaction and thatch buildup. This improves the infiltration of water and nutrients, also creating an environment where grass seed can have direct contact with the soil.

Fertilization – from $30 per application
Give long lasting nutrient value to your lawn.

Single Lawn Cut and Trim – from $30
Away on vacation for a few weeks? Need someone to keep the yard from becoming a jungle? Give us a call!

Garden Cleanup – from $150
Having a party but the garden needs thinning or weeding and some new edges? Call us in to help in a pinch.

Pruning & Trimming – from $75
Got an unruly tree or hedge? Need your shrubs trimmed a couple times per year?


Green Collar Landscaping 289-339-8746
183 Orkney Road,
Lynden , Ontario L0R 1T0 CANADA
Green Collar Landscaping

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Green Collar Landscaping

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